SIGNATURE TAG -- $1000L (one person)

Full-sized, high-resolution photo, retouched and tagged with a decorative layout and your name or nickname included.  Comes with a copy/transfer texture and a copy/modify tag board with your tag pre-mounted for display on your walls.

COUPLES, PAIRS, OR GROUPS -- $200L per each additional person

PROFILE PHOTOS -- $500L (one person)

Includes one 256x256 photo texture, retouched, with a custom background and copy/transfer permissions.  Your name or nickname can be added for no additional fee.  NOTE: Profile shots are sized specifically to display correctly in your profile window.

Larger sizes available upon request. 

WEB ICON / ADOPTION PHOTOS -- $50L with profile photo purchase
We will adapt your profile shot to a correctly sized square for use in an adoption panel (or any other square frame).  Adoption photos will qualify for the add-on price even if ordered at a later date, as long as S&S has your original photo order still on file.  Adoption photos as a stand-alone purchase are $500L.


A name of your choice customized as a full-sized tag.  Comes pre-mounted on a copy/modify display board.  No photo is included in nameplates.


Get a custom tag, a profile photo, a nameplate, and a Web icon/adoption photo all together, created in your chosen theme.

SPECIAL: If your photos are used at a later time  to create new display pieces (not the ones you originally ordered) for the gallery, you may purchase any piece featuring you at 50% off the regular price!


Orders can be made by filling out the order form and dropping it into the drop box at the studio.  You can also send notecards to McKennah Starbrook or Brenna Seideler directly. 
Please allow up to fourteen days for your order to be processed. 
You will have the opportunity to preview your order before it is delivered or final payment is made.  Minor adjustments can generally be made at no additional cost.  Major changes, including full layout changes or photo retakes due to avatar wardrobe or appearance will incur additional fees.  Because tags are copiable, once payment and delivery are finalized, no changes or refunds will be made.

All photography and design created by Starbrook & Seideler remain the intellectual property of Brenna Seideler, and all copyrights to any design elements remain the property of their respective holders. Starbrook & Seideler reserves the right to utilize your photos for advertising, promotion, and display at any time in the future. No work created may be taken out of Second Life®, used in any other capacity except the purpose for which it was created, posted on the Web, or transferred to another grid unless expressly approved by S&S. All copyrights and watermarks contained in your final images must remain on the image. If full-permission textures are purchased, they may only be utilized as specified, and may not be altered in any way.