Q: Can I give you a picture to have made into a tag?

Although Brenna is technically a scrap-for-hire artist, most photos taken in SL® simply are not suitable for tagging.  Since we want you to be happy with your final result, generally the answer to this question will be no.  In extremely special situations, exceptions may be made.  This is handled on a case-by-case basis, and may result in limitations on your tag choices.  Brenna does have the final say as to whether she will work with someone else's photograph, but please do not be disappointed if she is unable to fulfill this type of request.

Q: Can I have my friend/child/partner in my tag with me?

Yes!  Your friend (or friends) is welcome to be a part of your tag, and your package will include copies for each person pictured.  Additional fees apply; please see our pricing guide for more information. The order form for each tag will generally suggest whether the tag is best suited for multiple people or not.

Q: How long will it take to get my tag?

Processing time is generally significant for a tag, particularly if multiple images or people are included.  Final proofs can take anywhere from two to ten days. 

Q: I want a particular tag I see in the gallery, but I don't like "X." Can it be changed?

Minor changes to the tag you order can be made at no additional cost, including removal of given elements, some recoloring, and possibly addition of elements not shown in the original (depending on availability).  Major changes can be discussed on a case-by-case basis; additional fees may apply.

Q: I want a completely custom tag that no one else has.  Can she do that?

At this time, we are not offering this option.  However, please let us know if this is something you would like to see in the future.

Q: Can I give my friend a tag as a gift?

Of course!  Just put your name down as the ordering person and the recipient's name as the person included in the order.  And be on the lookout for our giftcards, coming soon.

Q: What if I don't like my tag after it is finished?

We want you to be happy with your finished tag. You will be able to preview your tag before it is delivered or final payment is made.  Minor adjustments can generally be made at no additional cost.  However, major changes, including full layout changes or photo retakes due to unhappiness with your avatar's wardrobe or appearance, will incur additional fees.  Because tags are copiable, once payment and delivery are finalized, no changes or refunds will be made.

Q: I want to use my tag on stationery/my blog/other outside SL®.  Can I have a full-perm copy?

Unfortunately, no.  To protect Brenna's work and her licensing restrictions, full-permission textures will not be given out or sold on any purchased work.  All textures purchased from Starbrook and Seideler textures must remain in Second Life® at this time.  The only current exception to this are the adoption/web icon photos, which are sold full permissions for use on social networking sites such as Facebook or Plurk.

Q: But I want to give a copy of my tag to a friend

A tag order will include the tag pre-mounted on a board that is copy/mod/no transfer, along with a copy of your texture with copy/transfer permissions.  As long as the tag remains in Second Life®, you are welcome to give it to others who would like to have it.
Q: Can I use my tag as my profile picture?

Certainly, you can!  However, you may find that your tag -- designed as a "decal" to go on walls or furniture -- does not look particularly good as a profile picture, so we don't recommend using it this way.  We do offer profile shots as well that are sized specifically to look good in your profile window, and can even create profile shots and nameplates to complement your tag.

Q: I rezzed my tag and there's nothing there.  Help!
Walk to the other side of the spot you rezzed it and turn around.  Chances are, you are looking at the back(which is completely transparent).  To look best on the wall, tag boards only contain a texture on one face.  If you are still having trouble, use Ctrl + Alt + T to see where your tag board rezzed.

Q: I put my tag on the wall and now it looks distorted.  Help!

Regardless of the shape the tag appears, all tags are uploaded as 1024x1024 square files.  Your tag comes pre-mounted on a modifiable square board so that you can resize it to fit your decorating needs.  Once you have your tag in place, you will want to double-check in the Object tab of your build menu to make sure the tag is square.  This should get rid of any distortion in the picture.